M for Men – M2 – Superior Stroker – Black

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The M for Men M2 Superior Stroker is a high-tech way to satisfy your desires. Featuring a hand grip with pressure control, this stroke sleeve lets you have it as tight as you want it. The soft, lifelike material offers multiple chambers with different textures, for unique erotic sensations as you slide your shaft in and out. The M2 has a soft matte black finish and is made with our incredible X5 Plus for a comfortable grip. The sleeve is removable for easy cleaning and can be replaced: just unfold the outer cylinder to remove the sleeve, then wash with soap and water and let air-dry. This discreet stroker is easy to conceal: cap it and store it, and no one will know what’s inside!

  • Designed for Maximum Pleasure
  • X5 Plus Superior TPE for Soft and Realistic Feel
  • Hand Grip With Pressure Control
  • 8.5 Inch Length (7 Inch Insertable) x 3.5 Inch Width
  • Lab Tested & Verified To Contain No Unsafe Compounds. Silicone, Water Based, Hybrid Lube Safe

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Weight 1.984375 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 3.5 × 10.9 in

1 review for M for Men – M2 – Superior Stroker – Black

  1. Rene

    romancepartiesbyrene (verified owner)

    Feedback I’ve received for this product:
    When I first received the M2 it was heavy and of a pretty good size. I have big hands so it is easy for me to use holding in one hand, however my girlfriend might have to use two hands if she decides to use it on me because of the large diameter. Have not tried this yet but I’m sure in the future it will happen.

    I read the directions carefully and opened the M2 up. Taking off the ring and lid it opens like a clam shell for lubing and cleaning afterwards. I lubed up all the little areas and anywhere I might make contact. It has many balls like things inside, ribs, and valleys. You can clearly see the balls, and fin like pieces on the side. This is made from a truly realistic type compound which feels very soft with a skin-like texture.

    After lubing the locking ring goes over the end and locks it shut. I decided to put lube on me, and play with myself to get excited as its easier to enter being hard. There is not much resistance entering the toy and I could have been semi soft to my surprise. I also lubed myself in case I forgot to lube anywhere inside of the toy. Didn’t want any brush burns. I am of average size, but this looks like it can accommodate anything larger or smaller. I also had it warmed up just enough as to not be cold on me without harming the toy. I inserted myself slowly into the toy. I must say it had a soft erotic feel, with a
    strange stimulating feeling.

    I began to slowly move it up and down increasing in each stroke. It made my senses go crazy, and I became rock hard with the erotic feeling this toy was giving me. Going slow at first with small strokes, I increased it to longer strokes and slowly increased the speed. This toy was driving me crazy! With each stroke I began to turn it slowly, which made a totally different sensation on each stroke. Just as I was ready to cum, I pushed in the side piece to increase the pressure. I was a feeling like no other except the real thing when the girlfriend and I come together. It was very erotic that this could do that.

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